Artist Watch – February 10th

October 28th of last year I was sitting in a Portland hotel completely pumped to see Alternative Rock band Panic! At The Disco and Patrick Stump’s (Fall Out Boy) solo project. I ended up finding out that Stump dropped out and was replaced with a local Portland act. I wasn’t from the Portland area so I really didn’t know who this guy was, and after a couple quick peeks on Google I couldn’t find a whole lot on his background, I didn’t think much of it, and we headed out to wait in line at a PACKED State Theatre a couple hours later (PATD is one of the biggest bands right now, so I wasn’t surprised). We got in our seats and waited for the concert to start, they announced the opening act and the stage lights just went crazy.

“Now presenting: DEAN FORD!!”

Now, I usually get into music at concerts but I don’t think I was ever as pumped in my life as I was when front man Dean Ford opened his mouth, everything felt so perfect about his style, from his clothes to his pop/alternative sound that resembles the lovechild of David Bowie’s ever-changing style, the clean, yet edgy image of Adam Lambert, with some smooth Hall & Oates sounds sandwiched in the center. Dean has the classiness of a pop group with the image that can steal any show away.

Out of sheer honesty, I think having Dean open up PATD’s show was the best and worst thing they could have ever done. The show was awesome for his image and definitely secured him a larger fan-base, the only downside was the fact that he blew PATD away. His energy was so much more prevalent compared to PATD front man Brendon Urie. Dean really shined through the whole concert and was the most exciting opening act I ever heard, but it doesn’t end there. Dean is very active when it comes to participating with his fans, he has a Facebook page that he regularly updates, and has gigs around the Portland Metro area monthly.

The only complaint I have about Dean Ford is that their music isn’t bigger. After seeing Dean get the jump on PATD, I can only imagine a very bright future for the 22-year-old and his crew, and I definitely look forward to checking out another one of his shows really soon.

Concluding this week’s Artist Watch, Dean Ford and his crew are at the top of their game in the competitive indie scene; with a distinct style that is tough to shoot down, I highly recommend checking out one of their energetic concerts. Dean Ford also has a project called “CTRL” that is scheduled for release sometime in Spring 2012.

A few samples of Dean Ford’s awesome work are available for listeners to “Take It All” right here.