What is the “Hipster”?

This blog is intended to be not only for the “gaming” population, but also those who enjoy a bit of diversity when they read their blogs. I used to operate three separate blogs dedicated to three separate topics. One day I was told to put them all together, so here it is. I’d like to elaborate a little bit more on who I am, and a general idea of what you can find on The Maine Hipster.
In the past, I worked as an entertainment contributor for three different gaming magazines and websites, including IGN, gaming is my passion, and in an economy where money doesn’t grow on trees (unless you’re playing Animal Crossing), the average gamer doesn’t like to spend $60 on a game that you’ll just end up using as a drink coaster a few days later. I like to give (as unbiased as possible) reviews on new games, set some hype up for the best upcoming releases and get the word out on games that might have flown under your radar!
I love indepedent music, there’s so much hard work and dedication that is put in by artists who don’t have the recording industry backing them up, I started working as a freelance journalist to cover local concerts and get the word out on some artists that deserve some real recognition. There’s a lot of amazing talent spread throughout Maine, young and old, and the best way to get the word out about them is to get them known.
I’m a flexitarian, I agree that a vegetable-based diet is heart healthy and I also agree that a protein/calcium-rich diet makes a happy skeleton. I love making new recipes and sharing them, so expect to see some culinary art..or disasters posted here. I also have a habit of going to local restaurants and rating the experience, if you’re a foodie of any caliber, then you might enjoy the food posts.
I’m always open to questions and suggestions when it comes to readers, without readers this blog is just a diary (which I’m not trying to aim for) – the public is the reason I’m writing, I’m very open to comments and I love participating in conversations, if there’s a particular topic you think should be covered or if you just want me to check out a game, your band or even your recipes, feel free to send me a message or comment on the posts, I’m very open-minded and love trying new things. With that being said, I look forward to posting here!