Still own a Super Nintendo? Don’t throw your money away on that fancy Xbox!

Oh, in case you were wondering that’s my copy of the first release of a commercial Super Nintendo video game since about 15 years ago. Nightmare Busters was an incomplete project that was scrapped in the mid 90’s, brought back to life by retro game producers “Super Fighter Team”.

From a quick glance and comparison of Nightmare Busters to Super Fighter Team’s  collection of other projects, it seems as if the production team bought the rights to the game and took this scrapped project, spruced it up a bit and made a final release; the quality of this game surpasses anything else the company has to offer, so don’t cross your fingers for any other great releases from them.

The set comes complete with a cool 90’s style box and cartridge, it all looks very retro which is great, however it doesn’t set aside the game-play. Game-play is very dull, the main character is a strange cross between the Mad Hatter and Gambit from the X-Men, which doesn’t suit the game very well. There is an “eerie” feeling, which would be awesome if the gaming population wasn’t so used to the eerie feelings associated with games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

For about $68 ($25 more than I paid for my preorder of Mass Effect 3), you get a manual, the box and the game. In an economy like this, who in their right mind would pay ~$60 for a shoddy shooter game with a short story mode….Oh, wait.

For SNES owners with $68 burning in their pocket, this is a great reason to dust off their consoles for an afternoon of retro gaming. Pre-orders for the final version are open to the public, hopefully the final release of the game will be a little better (one can only hope).

Anyone interested can pick the game up at the Nightmare Busters website: