Raptr and YOU!

Video game networks have been popping up all over. I remember back in the late 90’s, a company called GameSpy had one of the first (if not THE first) mainstream game social networking system in place, with probably about 50 active users daily; however it’s not the 90’s anymore and online gaming is big in Japan now, and probably America too.

Gamers love showing their high-scores and game lists off, and social network Raptr is the place to do it. If you have a PSN, Xbox Live or Steam account (no “my console is better than yours” war, ladies) you can hook it up to your Raptr and show off your achievements, games, and gaming rants. While it seems this might open up the superiority complex in us gamers, it actually works out pretty well. A little competition never hurt, right?

Raptr is a must-have for users on XBL, PSN or Steam who want to join in on the never-ending competition on who can beat who in the gaming world. It bunches PC gamers with Xbox/PS gamers, so anyone who plays Mass Effect 3 on Xbox can compare with their PC friends, a handy feature to stop the console wars and try and unite gamers.

Raptr users can set themselves up in some pretty cool contests, being such a tight-knit community helps gamers meet new friends/future COD partners. Chances are, if you set up a Raptr it will be easy to find friends you already know. (and hey, if you don’t then you can always add me here)

On top of being a network for gamers, any achievement/trophy hunters will enjoy the integration of achievement lists, and ability to see secret/hidden rewards. You can also see how many hours you’ve played games for, which probably isn’t a good thing for some; example: my nearly 300 hours spread across the WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw franchise, something I would rather gently weep about than promote publicly.

Check Raptr out and see if it’s for you, if you don’t turn on your console a lot, then it’s probably not right for you. Don’t link it to your Twitter or Facebook, I think I lost the few twitter followers I had because Raptr posts a daily gaming update, but you have to authorize it beforehand. Other than that, it’s a pretty handy tool and a good way to meet new friends across all modern consoles.