Dean Ford..This is why we have nice things, America.

I posted about Dean Ford a few weeks ago, however I wanted to get a second review done on his new album, CTRL. It’s clear that Dean really stepped up for this CD, the style he brings to his music isn’t copied, he’s beginning to get a real original feeling to his music, something that some millionaire artists are still striving to do.

Don’t let his mohawk scare you, Dean really pulls together a classy album with all the special little touches you want inside…You know, the good touches, not the bad touches. The beats make you want to keep listening; sometimes they point you into the direction of like.. Night at the Roxbury, which makes me want to do the Butabi headbang, which probably isn’t good for me but neither is cheese.

Instead of being focused around repetitive lyrics, CTRL tells a story about life, women and everything I could only wish to be, there was some real thought put onto this new release. There’s really no lows to Dean’s work on this album. As noted in one of my past articles, if you’re into “alternative pop”, Dean will most likely appeal to you.

CTRL is out for Digital Download via his bandcamp website for any Northern Maine folk for only $5 (includes a seventh special single!) – or it’s available at most Bull Moose stores downstate. Great price for some classy music from an awesome artist who definitely is striving to impress his fans.

Anyone in the Portland-Metro area looking to see Dean live (he’s freakin’ awesome, I promise) can check him out at the Portland Bull Moose for their Record Store day on April 21st at 6 P.M.

If Dean’s music tickles your fancy and/or other assorted ligaments, then check him out on FB here!